Monday, 26 January 2015

LisaSmiles 26:365

Really searched for some smiles today as I'm very tired and I haven't had a good day.

BUT there are always smiles, however small and fleeting.
A child who is not in school and so upset about missing your lesson that they send you a message.
A kid who finds Spanish tricky but works his socks off and achieves far more than he thought he could (and actually more than I expected he might.)
Thanks from a visitor for what I consider to be doing my job.
Dinner with my boys at Nandos then later watching Only Connect and trying to beat each other at the missing vowels round.
Knowing that someone appreciates your efforts to make a change even when it often seems a futile quest.
And some lovely surprise tweets that reminded me that I'm not always a weary fed up grouch ;)

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