Wednesday, 11 March 2015

LisaSmiles 70:365

Once more, the Spanish word for a pencil sharpener had a class dancing! Never fails!

A Y6 lad who never normally speaks to me has come to life over the last two weeks. We've being learning parts of the face and I've been drawing faces on the IWB/flipchart. I draw faces like a small child (can't be good at everything!) and this child has asked me if he can finish my pictures at the end of the lesson. I said yes last week as he asked so politely and this week he asked again. He made him happy and it improved my drawings no end! I really should have taken a picture of it but the ever enthusiastic 'eco monitor' switched off the IWB before I had a chance!

So here's one I've just drawn (please bear in mind that we were learning adjectives of size and shape hence the odd proportions!) Now you can see why I need help ;)

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