Friday, 13 February 2015

LisaSmiles 44:365

A lovely day (in spite of the rain!) in Devon, speaking at a conference. A lovely group of people and good to see some familiar faces! Also great to receive some lovely feedback. 

A long train journey home made better by a) having a seat b) catching a glimpse of the sea c) finishing The Goldfinch - at last! I enjoyed bits of it but it was too long.

And arriving home to see my boys was great too!

John'd bought me back a souvenir from his Finnish travels - a very lovely conference bag. Almost too lovely to use really!

Thanks to Kathy for telling me about the smile in this competition - if you'd like to vote for photo 120, my friend Rebecca would be very pleased as her husband took it and it's their dog.  ;) (numbers 94 and 98 also feature lovely smiles)

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