Monday, 23 February 2015

LisaSmiles 54:365

I think I'd like Libby to join me every Monday as my day was much more pleasant with a sidekick in the classroom!
Our balloon debate this morning also made me smile as the children had to decide out of 8 with responsibilities at school which 3 should be saved and which 5 thrown from our (imaginary) hot air balloon heading for imminent crash. Their decision to save the learning mentor ('he sorts out all our problems and we'd all argue without him) the sports coordinator ('we need our sport, Miss!') and the caretaker ('the school would be a mess without him; he tidies all the litter and decorates the classrooms and cleans') whilst 'throwing out' the lunchtime supervisor, the receptionist, the pupil(!) me and Mr Barry, the head teacher made the staff smile when I told them! Prior to the vote they'd had to argue for one of the people (assigned randomly) and some of them argued well, catching the objective of the lesson.

A quick blast up and down some hills after work blew away the Monday cobwebs, ready for Only Connect!

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