Sunday, 26 May 2013

Smiles 146:365

I did it! Winterthur Half Marathon completed - such relief! I thought my legs were going to give out with about 4km to go and only the thought of being overtaken kept me running. 
2:01:35 isn't the sub-2 hour of which I dream but I didn't care - I was so glad to have kept going and made it to the finish in a decent time.

At the finish with the lovely Sharon with whom I played cat and mouse throughout the race. Funny face due to a mouth full of banana! (thanks John!)

Thank you to my boys for coming and supporting me - and my friends - and for taking photos. And thanks for all the messages on FB too.

Now have a huge smile on my face as I have a glass of wine - first in over a week (and I have needed a glass several times in the last few days!)

A summary in film and photos -


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    1. Thanks Doug
      So glad when I crossed the finish line!

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    1. Thanks Doug! A very tired one, though still trying to twinkle ;o)