Monday, 13 May 2013

Smiles 133:365

I bought this book to be delivered to my Mum's for when I arrived in Englsnd last week as we decided to read it for ISW Mums Book Club. It duly arrived and I started reading it on the way home in the plane. Sadly I left it on my seat and therefore didn't finish it before Book Club today. 

However, after we'd discussed the book this morning, Katrin lent it to me so I could finish it. And I now have. 

It was very interesting, especially finding out about "good names." 

I learn something new every day! And that keeps me happy.

Also causing smiles today -
I was given a tennis dress.
I am on the way to conquering limescale (believe me, this is a major accomplishment!)
My Twitter timeline was full of Mr Men characters as many people changed their avatars in support of Russel Tarr who was unjustly 'picked on' by Michael Gove. (I'm Little Miss Naughty!)

Say cheese in other languages 
In Hindi you can also say डट दिखाओ (dat dikhao) - show your teeth!

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