Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Smiles 134:365

Had a very busy day - cycled to and from school 3 times, cleaned, shopped and vacuumed. Oh yes, and between all that I read a book this afternoon. 
No time to take pictures so here's a favourite from my phone. Taken a year ago - both boys have certainly grown since then!

Amused by a letter from school about Jude's 'field day' on Friday. The list of equipment includes normal things like waterproof and water bottle but also a change of clothes and a Swiss Army knife! Sounds like a fun trip. 

Also smiled when The One Show featured a segment about the paternoster lift at Sheffield University. Although the thing scared me to death and the only time I travelled in it i neatly passed out and had to be manhandled out again at my floor, it did make me all nostalgic!

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