Thursday, 20 November 2014

MoreSmiles 324:365

This article made me smile - the Ampelmännchen makes me smile anyway as he's so cheerful so I'm all for having an Ampfelfrauen to keep him company. Apparently it's not just about gender equality but also because her skirt  uses more lights and therefore makes her more visible.

Other smiles today: J in Y2 once more gave me good reason to put him on my G&T list. When told that he could only use triángulos, cuadrados, rectángulos and círculos in his drawing as he didn't know how to say pentagon, hexagon etc, he was not going to be defeated. 
"Ok, Señora. So, is a pentagon a pentagono?"
'Well, it's a pentágono but muy bien'
"So, this is an octágono and that's a hexágono then."
"And this must be a semicírculo."
'Ok, J. You win. You can use the shapes.'
"¡excelente! Gracias"

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