Tuesday, 4 November 2014

MoreSmiles 308:365

Lots of 'finishing off' today along with some fine singing from year 4. Some lovely pieces of work produced - now to find a way to display them! Doing creative things can be exhausting, and some classes are VERY hard work but it's worth it when kids are desperate to finish things and do them properly. 

Optician was pleased with my eyes - my eyesight hasn't got worse and I haven't been banned from wearing contact lenses so that's good. Plus I survived the 'puff' machine without having to repeat it for flinching! 

Jude, I discover today, impressed his Headteacher with his French yesterday and won a gold card - "not a literal card, Mum" I was informed. 

Liverpool managed to only concede one goal - odd to be smiling at losing but it could have been much worse...

And I'm going to bed early to read. So that's a smile!

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