Thursday, 6 November 2014

MoreSmiles 310:365

A good day at school - felt like I was back in the zone and the children enjoyed their Spanish, joining in with great enthusiasm which always makes me smile.
Sixth Form Open Evening at BVGS was eye opening, and I certainly smiled to see how Isaac was greeted warmly by all departments we visited and encouraged to do their subject. His French teacher had been dismayed when we left the language room having spoken only to German (we had to go and listen to the Head!) and expressed great relief when we returned! Our nifty body swerve to avoid being coraled into Maths also made us both laugh as did various comments we muttered to each other as we wandered the corridors, mostly about the idiosyncrasies and dress sense of various teachers. 

And the thing that made me smile most? Isaac was worried about Jude being hungry so insisted on hurrying up so he didn't have to wait too long for dinner! As his English teacher said "my brother would've made me wait even if I was starving. You're a very good brother!"

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