Tuesday, 4 August 2015

LisaSmiles 216:365

A very long list of smiles today:
An amusing taxi driver who kept telling us that we had 'lovely boys'
'Capturing' 8 owls as we rushed through security at the airport. 
John's Senator status getting us fast tracked. 
Extra water and a newspaper on board. 
The description of pain au chocolat as 'chocolate bread.'
Being called 'Mr and Mrs Johnson' for the entire flight, even when the attendant had seen John's credit card!
A funny article about a nudist cruise in The Independent that had is all guffawing. 
Arriving to find that Switzerlamd is still as we left it - clean and efficient! 
Guarana - nectar of the gods! 
Jude's face when he thought we had a Skoda as a hire car. 
Kartause Ittingen - a little slice of heaven on Earth. 
An exhilarating exciting run in the woods. 
Delicious dinner. 
An evening 'constitutional'. 
A lit path to bed. 

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